Homestyling is a service worth using when you consider selling your apartment. Styling is about making the interior more neutral and fresh by small changes. This will make it easier for buyers to see possibilities and imagine their own home in the apartment. Homestyling aims at selling more efficiently.

The project involves reducing personal items, re-arranging furniture and accessories, sometimes changes in colors and small renovations. I always use your furniture and interior items when possible. Rented furniture and accessories might be needed, especially when the apartment is empty.

SUSIES PLATS makes homestyling for private persons and work together with real estate agents.  I am a certified Homestaging/Styling Consultant.


A Homestyling project starts with a consultation meeting where we go through the home room by room and look at all possibilities to make your home even more attractive for buyers. After the meeting I send you an offer for the work and when it is accepted, a stylingplan is made. Before the photoshooting and first showing of your home,  I rearrange the apartment. The cost for the consultation meeting is 120,00 incl.vat. and the Stylingproject from 250,00 incl. vat.


When selling your home or in an article in a magazine, the pictures should speak for themselves. The reader/buyer want to see more of the apartment. The light, colors, mood and interior objects give a desire to se read more, get inspiration and ideas. When listing an apartment, the pictures are very important to make the home look attractive. I made an Interior Photograph course in 2017.

Price for photographs 180,00-300,00 incl vat depending on size of the apartment. Price includes 10-20 photos, retouching and delivery of photos to customer. The project starts with a planning meeting, cost is 150,00 incl vat if the photoservice is not ordered.