Many of us dream about homesor offices where things can be easily found and everything is in order. We wish we could spend more time doing things that give us energy and joy. Our every-day life often spins around homework, clothes and stuff that needs to be taken care of. A well-structured home and less gear is the beginning of an easier life.

It might be a challenge to get started with an organizing project. Where and how will you begin and where will you take everything you do not need anymore? As a Professional Organizer and member of Suomen Ammattijärjestäjät ry – the Finnish Association for Professional Organizers – SUSIES PLATS helps with your organizing project. This might dure for many days, but already after a few hours you can see results. We work together and I follow your wishes and visions. Practical advice and new solutions are part of my work. Ecological aspects and recycling are important . If you wish we can use KonMari methods in the project. I also help transporting items you do not need anymore.

SUSIES PLATS organizes and structures all spaces and closets in homes and offices. New routines can make your days easier. My work as Professional Organizer is totally confidential, neutral and positive.

Consultation Visit: The project starts with a consultation visit where we go through your home and discuss your need of help. I give practical ideas for an easier life. If the visit leads to booking my organizing service, the visit is free of charge, otherwise the cost is 45,00€.

Prices: 3-hour project 168,00€. 6-hour project 300,00€.  Shorter projects 56,00€/hour and bigger projects upon offer.

You are entitled to a household deduction for organizing projects when making your taxation.

I work in whole Uusimaa/Nyland. Charge per kilometer outside Ringroad III 0,62 euros/km.

Tip: Give someone the organizing service as a Giftcard!

All above mentioned prices include VAT and kilometer charge within Ringroad III.