Many of us dream about homes where things are easily found and everything is in order A well-structured home and less gear is the beginning of an easier life. By Organizing and Structuring your Home environment your everyday life gets easier, your home is easy to clean and take care of. You gain more time and get a comfortable home that supports your life.

Questions I often hear are; How should I start the project, what are the best storage solutions and where will I find a place to take alla items I do not need anymore? As a Professional Organizer and member of Suomen Ammattijärjestäjät ry (Finnish Association for Professional Organizers),  I will help you with your project and answer all your questions. By working alongside you, we reach the goal of a more practical home. I keep you motivated, give practical advice and move the project forward. With a sense of humor I challenge your decisions. The first results are seen within a few hours work. Ecological aspects and recycling are important. If you wish to use KonMari methods it is possible. I also help items you do not need anymore.

SUSIES PLATS help you declutter and organize any space in you home. My work as Professional Organizer is totally confidential, neutral and positive. I work “in-home” in whole Nyland-Uusimaa area, but also online consultations are possible.

BOOK A CONSULTATION VISIT: Projects start with a consultation visit; we go through your home and discuss your need of help. I give practical ideas. If you book my organizing service, visit is free of charge, otherwise cost is 45,00€ incl. VAT.

PRICES e.g: 3-hour organizing 168,00€. 6-hour organizing 300,00€. Prices include VAT. You are entitled to a household deduction for organizing projects when making your taxation. Present tip: Organizing Giftcard.