SUSIES PLATS (Susie´s Place or Space) was founded in 2013 and offers services in Interior Designing, Homestyling, Interior Photographs and Professional Organizing in whole Uusimaa / Nyland area. It was a dream to start my own business and work with Customers, Homes and Interior Design. I want to create cosy and functional spaces according to my customers wishes and budgets.

My name is Susie Kousa and I live in Helsinki. My work in homes and offices is strongly customer service of which I have a long experience. To fulfill the wishes of my customers is always an honor, both Interior Design, Homestyling or Organzing. I give service in English, Swedish and Finnish. All projects are confidential. All projects are different from each other and its always exciting to start a new one.

I am member of Finnish Professional Organizers, Suomen Ammattijärjestäjät ry.

In year 2013 i became an Interior Designer and Professional Organizer. In year 2017 I attended a course in Paint technique,  a course in Flower arrangements and an Interior Photo course. In year 2018 I became a Homestyling Consultant.

Social Media: LinkedIn, Facebook PLATS-Interior Design and Instgram susiesplats.


SUSIES PLATS lectures and gives courses in the basics of Interior design; e.g. colors, interior styles, lighting and furnishing. Handling your belongings and declutter are also popular subjects in my lectures. My group can be a company, association or a home party. The exact theme and length of lectures and courses is based upon wishes and amount of participants. Prices from 150,00 incl.vat.


New services: Homestaging/Styling and Interior Photographs. If you are planning to sell your home – please contact me!

Foto: Lina Enlund Västra Nyland