SUSIES PLATS (Susie´s Place or Space) was founded in 2013 and offers services in Interior Designing, Homestyling, Interior Photoshooting and Professional Organizing in Uusimaa / Nyland area. Starting my own company and being able to combine clientwork with work with making creative spaces was a dream coming true. I plan and help to create cozy and functional spaces according to my customers wishes and budgets.

I am Susie Kousa from Helsinki. My interior and organizing work is above all about customer service. It is always joyful to fulfill my customers wishes, and every project varies from one another. Working with homes is inspiring and challenging. I give service in English, Swedish and Finnish, all projects are totally confidential.

In year 2013 i became an Interior Designer and Professional Organizer. During the years I have attended different courses supporting my work; e.g. Paint technique, SketchUp drawing program, Flower arrangements, Interior Photoshooting course and upholstery. In 2017 I became a Homestyling Consultant.

Social Media: LinkedIn, Facebook PLATS-Interior Design and Instgram susiesplats.

Foto: Lina Enlund Västra Nyland


SUSIES PLATS gives lectures and courses in Interior designing; e.g. colors, interior styles, lighting and furnishing. Decluttering is also a popular subject for students, companies, associations or at private home parties. The exact themes and length of lectures and courses are based upon wishes and amount of participants. Prices from 150,00 incl.vat.


This winter 2021 started with e.g an acoustical project and a big interior project in my clients home. My teacher work at Axxell School of Educations continues, also being in the qualification committee. For the autumn 2021 some courses at Kirkkonummi kansalaisopisto are planned.

In 2020 I visited Stockholm Furniture&Light fair, where I got new Scandinavian interior contacts. I had some interesting summercottage projects in the archipelago.

In2019 I had the opportunity to work 6 months with Svenskt Tenn´s beautiful patterns and products. I attended many interiorfairs and visited the TV Yle5 show “Efter nio” (after nine), helping organizing a workdesk.

Planning a summerhouse on SketchUp